WE MADE IT! After six long, uncertain weeks, our Kickstarter is completely funded! $14,726 of amazing potential for the Kingdom of God. It was a lot of work but so worth it… we are grateful to have had this intensive season to get our mission broadcasted clearly. We’re committed to seeing life-transformation in a generation of young women! This is what all of our energy is going into. Age isn’t as much the topic as the need for every girl to know Jesus personally.

Writing our first book is a thrill! We’re in the last stages of proofing and graphic design now. Thank you for being our publishing company through the Kickstarter! Now we are able to give away books to fantastic ministries and plan events where there is need but no finances. Wow! We’re praying for wisdom as we step out to plan. With God’s help, we know we will be good stewards of these financial gifts. Thank you for your prayers as we go forward.

Thanks and Blessings,

Elissa & Becca

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