Why I Love Hobbits

Bryan and I arrived 45 minutes early to the showing of the Hobbit. So early, the theater employees had to ask us to leave so they could sweep the floors cluttered with stale popcorn from the last movie. Um, that was embarrassing. I guess you could say I was excited to see this movie.

There’s something about those adorable hobbits that make me love them. To me the shire is like the Walgreens commercial about a town called Perfect. And when Bilbo said he would make a lousy burglar, I completely understand. Adventure pursued him, however, and he gave in. He left is Hobbit Garden Inn with his mother’s antiques and followed Gandalf into a truly “unexpected journey”.

Why Bilbo? Gandalf was asked why he chose the hobbit. Simple. He’s courteous, polite and loyal. With all the evil advancing in the world its the small things that hold it back.

Some would suggest that the more evil grows, the more hardened we should become. Like a defense of some kind. But a hardened heart was not what Gandalf chose for the great mission and he saw Bilbo’s heart right away. He knew he could trust him.

Does God know He can trust us? Keeping a heart like Bilbo’s is not easy, and I find more and more reasons to put on my defense armor daily. But what about the small things? Like being polite and keeping my word. Like going out of my way for someone else, even a stranger. Or using kindness when I have reasons to be angry.

Small it may seem, but big to God.

If the darkness gets darker, the light will always shine brighter. Carriers of this light come in all sizes. Bilbo and the Hobbits have reminded me to never judge a book by its cover. A giant force for good can come in a small package.

So, I want to hear from you.  My question to you… what does it look like to be the “small things” (courteous, polite and loyal..etc) in your daily life?  What have you learned through The Hobbit movie if you’ve seen it?



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