your light source

On Friday afternoon Elissa and I were busy preparing for Made To Shine, the events we do around the country. The next event would take place in our hometown (for a second time!) and all the logistics were coming together. I paused to check my phone and my husband sent a text about the Paris attacks. It was too early in the day to have much detail, but it didn’t look good and I prayed silently for God to intervene. I carried on, with a heavy heart.

Wrapping up our event planning, exchanging thoughts on what we felt God wanted to say to these 100+ girls that would meet with us tomorrow night, it occurred to me that Made To Shine is not just an event, it is a reality awakening in the hearts of God’s daughters.

The event kicked off less than 24 hours later, and the room was filled with voices worshiping God, laughing (sometimes at me, but that’s ok), exchanging hugs and the frequent high-five. Moms and mentors joined in the fun, sometimes getting even louder than their daughters (who knew?!). Present in the room weren’t just ordinary girls, there were dozens of courageous light-bearers who began to see themselves the way God sees them. Imagine the effect of a generation who trust in their God-given identity.

We are light, even though we live in a dark world. But the only hope for us to shine is our Light Source, Jesus Christ.







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